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How to Set up Wireless Door Chimes

How to Set up Wireless Door Chimes

We always get aggravated when our friends and members of the family complain to us when it takes us time to get through the doors. Most of the time, we are not near the door to easily hear the knockings. Instead, we always have daily errands, so, we are either in the kitchen or in the room taking shower. This is really a problem. That’s is why various innovations were made to address this problem. There are a growing number of companies, which created doorbells. But, due to growing demand of easy to install doorbells, these companies manufactured the wireless door chimes. Nowadays, there is a wide range of selection of door chimes with the different functional ability and for hassle-free like the battery-operated wireless door chime, plug-in wireless door chime, etc. There are also door chimes that cater those are hearing impaired. So, of the considerations before jumping in on how to install this one great equipment is to actually decide on what function you are buying the door chime. Then, after you just have to follow the easy steps on how to set up wireless door chimes.

Whether it is a plug-in or battery-operated, you should first decide on where you are going to place the door chime. It shall be placed in a certain location where you always do your work so that you could easily get into the door when a guest or member of the family arrives. Most doorbells have adjustable volume, so, you can also place it in a central location where it can easily be heard. It is good when your door chimes are plug-in because you do not have to change the battery over and over again. But, if it is battery operated, you have to check it sometimes to make sure that it is still working. Though, door chimes that are battery-operated can last for about a year. Thus, you also have to check the bell push because all bell pushes are battery operated.

Before mounting the main chime and the bell push, you have to test it first. Considering the location the main chime, make sure that it is still within range. There are chimes that have a range of 50m or longer from the bell push. In this case, you may also adjust the volume enough to be heard on any location of your home.

See this video to learn more about it:

Then, if you are done checking the volume of the chime and its frequency for a perfect distance of the main chime from the bell push, you are now ready to mount the cordless door chime where you want. You will need a screwdriver for mounting the bell push beside the door. So, you have to remove first the cover and screw it to the wall. If you don’t feel like screwing and using screwdrivers, try to visit the nearest hardware and ask for an adhesive tape that will stick on any surfaces. I suggest that you use adhesive tapes for the bell push of your door chime so that you will not actually create holes in your home.

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