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Clark won't seek re-election - State Rep. Fred Clark, D-Baraboo, said Thursday he will not seek re-election this fall. (Baraboo News Republic 2/6/2014)

Council opposes mining bill - The Baraboo City Council is on record opposing a bill that would restrict local governments' environmental controls over mining operations. (Baraboo News Republic 1/17/2014)

Bill would let counties handle Medicaid - It's been nearly a year since Gov. Scott Walker announced he would reject federal money to expand a state program that provides health insurance for poor people. (Baraboo News Republic 1/16/2014)

Medical marijuana bills remain stalled, despite unprecedented backing - Despite more support for the legislation than ever before among Wisconsin lawmakers, an ongoing effort to legalize marijuana for medical use in the state appears to be headed nowhere. (Baraboo News Republic 12/26/2013)

Rep. Clark Endorses David Considine in 81st Assembly District Democratic Primary

Real Leadership Dear Friends,

I am giving my endorsement and support in the upcoming election for the 81st Assembly District to David Considine.

While all of the Democratic candidates are committed progressives who support Democratic values, I believe that David Considine is simply the most qualified and best -suited candidate to represent the 81st Assembly District.

I've known Dave personally as a teacher, farmer, and a friend prior to becoming a candidate. I'm encouraged that the David Considine running for office is the same person who has lived and worked in the Baraboo area for over 30 years.

David's ability to work constructively and respectfully with people holding a wide range of views without compromising his strong principles is one of his strengths that will serve him well as a legislator.

I encourage Democratic voters throughout the 81st Assembly District to learn about the candidates and then turn out to vote on August 12th for the person they believe will be the best candidate. I will be supporting David Considine.

Fred Clark
State Representative
81st Assembly District
July 31, 2014